Answering Your Common Hotel Cleaning Questions

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Having been in the hotel cleaning industry for over 50 years, Donau are regularly asked questions about how we clean prestigious hotels and what commercial cleaning involves.

Though we simply can’t share all of our wisdom and experience here, we’re going to answer some of the most commonly-asked questions about our hotel cleaning service to help you decide whether it’s right for you.

What steps do Donau take when cleaning a hotel room?

The answer to this depends on the level of service you opt for – we can clean as much or as little of a hotel room as you’d like. However, a full clean would involve a deep clean of the bathroom, which includes removing dirt on surfaces and removing germs and bacteria, in addition to sanitising the room to eliminate odours.

We then take care of the carpets and hard flooring, depending on which your hotel room has fitted. This could constitute a steam clean or a dry-clean – whichever you prefer – and we’re able to remove even the most stubborn of stains too. We then inspect the upholstery and curtains for stains and damage, before cleaning them carefully and thoroughly.

How do Donau deep clean a carpet in hotels?

Our commercial carpet cleaning experts can either steam or dry-clean carpets, but we recommend steam cleaning generally as it’s more effective at removing dirt. If a deep clean is required to remove thoroughly embedded stains, we get stuck in with our range of advanced cleaning products and put our experience to good use. Though we can never guarantee to remove every stain, in the 50 years we’ve been in business we’ve had a 100% success rate.

How do you clean hotel upholstery?

Utilising the latest, most advanced products and tried-and-tested cleaning techniques developed over the past 50 years, we delicately and thoughtfully clean and restore fabrics. First, we inspect each item for damage – including stains, holes or scuffs – before selecting the most appropriate method to treat the fabric.

Our commercial upholstery cleaning team can clean modern or antique upholstery and offer a repair service too; we can restore damask and velvet and fix split leather upholstery, no matter the piece of furniture it’s attached to. We regularly restore everything from bar stools to beds.

How do you clean a hotel bathroom?

At Donau, we use only the finest quality cleaning products to remove surface grime, prevent the build up of bacteria and keep the bathroom smelling fresh. We thoroughly clean and sanitise every surface – including the toilet, basins, bath and walls – and replace any worn out plugs, grout and sealant with new items where necessary.

Our deep cleaning service even involves the removal of pipe blockages, uric salt deposits and other debris, making the bathroom as hygienic as possible and prolonging the life of each of its components.

Does Donau deep clean mattresses?

Yes, absolutely; we can deep clean and repair beds and mattresses, mending damaged upholstery and restoring them carefully. We can also deep clean duvets, pillows, blankets, cushions, bedspreads and throws.

If you are in need of London hotel cleaning services, specialist curtain cleaning or more, then contact us today for a free quote.

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