The Benefits of Anti-Blast Window Films for City Hotels

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As much as it doesn’t bear thinking about, terrorist attacks remain a very real threat – and as a hotel owner, you have a responsibility to do your bit to keep your guests and staff members safe. This applies particularly to city hotels; bombings typically tend to be concentrated on cities with dense populations, which in the UK means places like London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

Although there’s nothing you can do to stop an attack from taking place outside, you can improve the safety of people inside your building – and this doesn’t have to mean putting unsightly bars on windows.

Why install window film?

Typically, in a bomb blast, more damage is dealt by flying shrapnel than by the explosion itself. Flying glass, in particular, can be incredibly destructive. That’s where anti-blast window film comes in.

Applied to the inside of the window, this immensely strong protective layer is designed to hold the glass together to keep everyone safe. Instead of thousands of small shards flying around at high velocity, the glass will be held together in one place – it’ll still shatter, but the pieces will all be stuck to the film, vastly reducing the likelihood of injury. Depending on the strength of the blast, the glass may even remain in the frame.

The film is completely clear and unnoticeable, making it a no-brainer for urban hotels serious about security.

Bomb blast net curtains

Bomb blast net curtains work in tandem with window films to add an additional layer of safety. If the blast is strong enough to dislodge the glass from the frame, these specially-developed blast curtains will prevent it from travelling further into the room. Typically, these are installed alongside the window film.

Speak to Donau today

Donau is one of London’s premier anti-blast window film suppliers. We’re able to supply and install both films and net curtains, allowing you to keep your guests and employees safe should the worst happen. Discover more today or contact us to get your quote.

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