Curtain Tips For Small Spaces: Creating the Illusion of Space

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Feeling cramped and unable to properly relax is one of the worst feelings for any hotel guest. However, you don’t need tons of physical space to make a room feel spacious. Size is just an optical illusion; with the right interior tricks, like the following curtain tips for small spaces, you can make any standard hotel room seem like a suite-sized space.

What type of curtains make small spaces look big?

Many hotel owners fall into the trap of buying curtains that perfectly fit their windows, but instead, investing in floor-length curtains that are a little longer can actually make a space feel larger. Floor-length curtains instantly make any small space look big, tricking the eyes of your guests into thinking your windows are bigger than they really are.

By hanging your curtain rod above the actual window frame, you can easily create this clever illusion of size, while many designers and curtain makers will almost go all the way up to the ceiling when attempting to make a space seem larger! From this point, measure the length necessary for your curtains to hang right down to the floor.

In terms of picking a colour for your curtains, the majority of designers agree that neutral shades like white, beige, and cream do wonders at creating the illusion of spaciousness. Such muted tones effectively reflect light in the room and foster an airy and open atmosphere for guests staying on the premises.

Should you put curtains in small spaces?

From hiding unsightly walls to defining open spaces, there are many benefits to installing the right curtains in your hotel. However, many owners are often fearful of putting curtains in some of their smaller rooms. By purchasing floor-length curtains in neutral tones for these spaces, you can make even the smallest of spots appear larger.

Professional curtain makers in London, like Donau, can work directly with your preferences and requirements to create the perfect set of curtains for your hotel. Whether you wish to supply the fabrics or want us to source them for you, our bespoke curtain-making service has helped many of the capital’s most prestigious clients create luxurious and roomy interiors where guests can truly relax. We can also provide curtain repairing service if needed. Get in touch with us.

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