How to exceed sky-high hotel cleaning requirements

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With over 50 years of experience serving London’s most prestigious clients, the team at Donau knows just how important it is for housekeeping staff to reach a hotel’s high cleaning requirements. An immaculate hotel isn’t just beneficial for guests, who will be far more likely to enjoy their stay and leave a favourable review online; it’ll also mean your in-house team can capitalise on early check-ins and other services to improve your hotel’s reputation.

If you’re looking for ways your housekeeping team can exceed your sky-high hotel cleaning requirements, this article will outline how to improve both the quality and the efficiency of your hotel cleaning.

How can hotels improve housekeeping?

A lack of quality in cleaning equals a lack of guest satisfaction. Hotels can improve the quality of their housekeeping services by doing the following:

Thoroughly (and regularly) training staff

Providing new staff with rigorous training will improve the quality of their cleaning, regardless of their level of experience. Regularly revisiting crucial training points for current team members will also keep them focused on the quality of their work while outlining any pressing pain points. You can also identify weak points by completing regular room inspections before providing specific areas of training that you believe require improvement.

Addressing problems before they escalate

Solving a smaller issue before it escalates into a larger problem will help prevent the need for any big and costly maintenance work in the future. While the cost of addressing many small problems might seem like it adds up, it’ll be a drop in the ocean compared to the total price of a future major fix. A good example here is reviewing all the toilets and pipes after finding just one leak in a guest toilet.

Improving your laundry service

To say that laundry is a fundamental part of hotel housekeeping would be an understatement; by implementing small changes to improve it, you can quickly advance your hotel cleaning operations. Things like installing top-class regularly maintained machines, stocking the department with high-value products, and allocating the laundry process to one specific person to keep things moving will all improve the quality of your service.

How do you optimise hotel housekeeping operations?

When it comes to balancing a budget and time constraints, having an efficient cleaning service is just as important as having a high-quality one. These tips can ensure you have both.

Set targets

Creating targets for housekeeping staff to reach – and rewarding those who exceed expectations in both the quality and speed of their service – will help you prioritise what you deem important in hotel cleaning requirements. You can adjust these targets in line with guest party size and different room specifications.

Make use of technology

Taking advantage of the latest operational technology like a PMS system that supports automation for housekeeping will quickly see team productivity skyrocket; being able to view a complete overview of outstanding tasks, allocating certain team members to complete jobs, and even opening up a new channel of staff communication will help you optimise cleaning operations at your hotel.

Organise your cleaning carts

The more prepared your team is, the quicker and better they’ll be at their job. Making sure their cart is full of everything they require to begin their shift (cleaning products, toilet paper, sheets, towels, etc) will reduce the need to go to another floor to find what they need, saving time in the process.

Outsource your cleaning

Bringing in outside experts and outsourcing your cleaning will reduce the amount of time you need to allocate to housekeeping duties in-house, allowing your team to focus on other high-priority tasks. An outsourced cleaning provider such as Donau can help hotels optimise their cleaning by focusing on carpets, hard floors, upholstery and curtains.

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