Find a Cleaning Company That Cares by Asking These Questions

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On the hunt for a commercial cleaning company you can rely on? After you dive into the Google search results or get a recommendation from a friend, your next step will likely be to speak to the company you’re considering using. But what do you say?

If you’ve not hired a cleaning company before, we’ve come up with a quick list of questions you should ask them before you agree to use their services. This is by no means an exhaustive list – you may want to ask other questions depending on your requirements – but consider the following as your essential ‘must-asks’.

How flexible are you?

If you’re hiring a third party to take care of your cleaning requirements, you need to be confident that they’ll adapt to your needs and work around your schedule. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Before locking yourself into a contract or anything of the sort, check whether they do emergency call-outs and work out how flexible they can be – can they meet all your needs?

How experienced is your cleaning team?

This is a vital one. Anybody can clean, but to clean any material efficiently and thoroughly – without causing damage or premature wear – takes a lot of knowledge and experience. We’d recommend checking just how experienced the company really is.

Do you have insurance?

Another crucial question. The company might not expect to cause damage to your property, but accidents do happen. Will their insurance pay out if one does?

Can you work with my budget?

Every business is different, but budget is a consideration for virtually every organisation. Work out yours and make sure your chosen cleaning company can work with it.

What surfaces and materials can you clean?

Operate a lavishly-appointed hotel or establishment that’s home to rare, luxurious materials? It’s important to check that the hotel cleaning service team knows how to look after your upholstery without doing any harm.

Which clients do you work with?

A great sign of just how trustworthy and dependable a company is is the clients it works with. Do they serve prestigious, high-end clients? If so, you can be confident that they’ll do a solid job.

Our commercial upholstery cleaning services

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