How do the professionals clean luxury leather furniture

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Leather is synonymous with luxury furniture. Although it’s now more affordable and accessible than ever before, leather furniture hasn’t lost any of its appeal. Timeless and elegant, a leather sofa or chair can last for decades if it’s well looked after – and even when it does start to show its age, the material can be repaired time and time again.

Caring for leather is a lot like caring for skin (it is made using animal skin, after all). It requires a little love to keep it in tip-top shape – and one crucial area of maintenance is cleaning. Imagine what would happen to our skin if we never washed it. The results wouldn’t be pretty – and it’s a similar story with leather.

Owners of luxury leather furniture often enlist the services of professionals to conduct thorough yet delicate deep cleans. But how does the process work? Here’s an insight.

Our leather cleaning process

With over 50 years of commercial upholstery cleaning experience in London and the surrounding areas, it’s safe to say that we know our way around a leather sofa. We’ve cleaned thousands of leather pieces over the years for many of the capital’s most prestigious venues, including hotels like the Dorchester and the Ritz.

Every furniture clean begins with an exhaustive inspection. Our experts will scour every inch of material, looking for any stains, scuffs, scratches or tears. They’ll also carry out a dye fastness test. Armed with the results of the inspection, they’ll then be able to select the most appropriate products and techniques for the job. As leather ages, it becomes a little more fragile, so this stage is key.

The cleaning process typically begins with a focus on the most heavily soiled areas. Great care is taken to lift any stains from the surface without weakening the leather. Attention will then be turned to the rest of the piece, removing superficial marks and ridding the leather of oils, dirt and bacteria.

No leather clean would be complete without the application of conditioner, which helps seal in moisture and prevent the leather from splitting and cracking.

Need an experienced leather and linen cleaning specialist you can count on? At Donau, we serve businesses such as hotels across London and beyond. Learn more about us today.

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