Quality Commercial Cleaning Pays in the Long-Run – Here’s Why

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If you run a luxury hotel – or any other high end establishment, for that matter – cleanliness and presentation counts for a whole lot. It can be tempting to try and save money in this area, opting for a cleaning company that has less experience, simpler equipment and charges a lower hourly rate.

In reality though, choosing an experienced and competent commercial upholstery cleaning provider is well worth it in the long run. Here’s why.

Improved reputation

Simply put, more experienced, more established companies know what they’re doing. They have access to the latest and greatest technology, from cleaning chemicals to vacuum cleaners and machinery. Plus, they have – in some cases – decades of expertise, which means they have an array of proven techniques that are guaranteed to deliver results.

With a high end cleaning company by your side, your premises will look and feel equally high end. They’ll be cleaner and better-presented, which can give your reputation a welcome boost.

Longer-lasting fabrics

With an experienced cleaning team looking after your premises, you can expect fabrics, flooring and other materials to last longer. We can apply protective products to fabrics and flooring, improving their longevity. Plus, we’ll ensure that the cleaning methods we use aren’t too aggressive; with the right approach, it’s possible to remove dirt and stains without being too brutal to the material.

Reduces the risk of damage

Inexperienced cleaners might use the wrong product or technique on the wrong material, resulting in permanent damage (or poor results as a best case scenario). Choosing an experienced, high quality business will drastically reduce the likelihood of this happening… and if they’re insured like us, you have even greater peace of mind.

Maintains health and safety

If you choose a proven, highly-rated commercial cleaning business as your partner, you can expect no stone to be left unturned. Experienced cleaners will scour every inch of your fabrics for embedded dirt and grime, removing bacteria to ensure every room is sterile and hygienic.

Our commercial upholstery cleaning service

If you’re looking for a trusted commercial upholstery cleaning partner in or around London, Donau is the natural choice. With over 50 years of experience serving many of the capital’s most revered establishments, we have the know-how to deliver consistent results. Learn more about us today or get your free quote.

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