Quality Hard Floor Cleaning – How to Vet Potential Companies

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Finding a cleaning company you can count on can be tricky – but if you want to maintain or build the reputation of your venue or establishment, it’s well worth the research. If you’re not sure how to identify a reputable business that can clean your hard floors consistently – and that won’t let you down – we’ve identified a number of key questions to ask them.

What can they do?

First and foremost, establish whether or not they can actually help you. Which types of hard floors can they clean? Which areas do they cover? If their basic services aren’t up to scratch or they simply won’t cover your location, it’s clearly time to look elsewhere.

Do they have their own equipment?

Some cleaning contractors will expect you to supply your own equipment, chemicals, PPE supplies and more, while others will include all of this as part of the service. Make sure you choose a company that falls into the latter category, as the initial investment in cleaning equipment can be significant. The company you choose should have access to everything they need – and if they don’t, this could be a red flag.

How much will they charge?

It’s important to establish their hourly rate and work out how this compares to the competition. Some companies might be more expensive than others but will be able to justify the extra cost by offering a superior service. Others, by contrast, might simply be trying to rip you off. It’s well worth getting multiple quotes for this reason.

What hours do they work?

Do their opening hours limit how regularly they’ll be able to help you? If the company you’re considering can’t align with your schedule, it’s probably best to look elsewhere, as this could cause issues further down the line. Any reputable cleaning company should be able to offer emergency callouts, too.

Are they experienced?

Experience and credentials are crucial. Have they recently set up shop, or have they been going for decades? The more experience the better – and make sure they’re insured too.

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