Top Signs You Should Switch Commercial Cleaning Providers

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If you’re managing a luxury establishment, you need a stellar commercial cleaning company behind you. You need to know they have your back. If you’re disappointed with your current provider, you may wonder whether it’s time to cut ties. Whether they’re making repeated mistakes, not meeting your standards or, worse, you get the feeling they don’t care about the upkeep of your business – this guide will reveal when it could be worth switching providers.

Not meeting your expectations

If you’ve had experience with a service that didn’t meet your expectations, it could be worth taking a step back and assessing whether you’ve hired the right commercial cleaning company. Perhaps they’re making repeated mistakes and not listening to your needs. Maybe they’re not available when you need them or, upon inspection, you’re not happy with the quality of the cleaning outcome.

If you’re managing a premium establishment, there will be very little margin for error. Your 5-star reputation and the experience of guests who have paid a premium to stay with you hangs in the balance.

Lack of care and attention

Whatever has led to disappointment, you should speak to your provider. Their response will demonstrate whether they are trustworthy or not. If they listen, review and make necessary changes then that’s a sign you’re working with a commercial cleaning company that cares about your business and establishment. Every company will make mistakes, it’s whether they learn from them and demonstrate that they value your business that matters.

That being said, you also need to know that the company has the expertise, credentials and resources to complete cleaning to the standard you’re expecting. If they don’t, then it’s best to find another provider that is a more suitable match for your establishment and requirements.

Failing to establish a good working relationship

If management is nowhere to be seen, it may be worth seeking a different commercial cleaning company. Providing a good service starts with building a trusting relationship. Management should be available and do regular check-ins to make sure you’re satisfied with the service or whether they could do anything differently to support your business.

Are you looking to switch or upgrade cleaning providers?

Donau are specialist upholstery and hard floor commercial cleaners in London. Working with luxury establishments such as hotels for the past 50 years, we know that delivering a 5-star commercial cleaning service starts with understanding your unique requirements and working hard to exceed expectations.

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