What to Expect From Commercial Upholstery Cleaning Company

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Thinking of hiring a commercial upholstery cleaning company to take care of your luxury hotel or establishment? Before you decide which company to entrust these all-important duties to, there are a few things you should look out for…

Years of experience

First and foremost, you need a company with experience. There’s no substitute for experience in most industries, and commercial cleaning is no exception; years of hands-on knowledge means the company you hire should be prepared for every eventuality.

From stubborn stains to delicate, fragile fabrics, an experienced cleaner should know their way around every situation. We’ve been in the business since 1970, having started with a single contract serving The Dorchester in London – a prestigious establishment we’re proud to work with to this day.

Expert knowledge

In addition to experience, knowledge and training is vital. The staff at cleaning companies must be taught the correct techniques and have the knowledge to understand which products to use on which materials – there are so many pitfalls involved in the cleaning and maintenance of delicate upholstery.

Proven solutions

There are some things that aren’t in textbooks, on websites or on the back of cleaning product bottles – some things can only be learnt by experience. With so many years of experience under our belt, at Donau we have developed our own range of proven techniques that get the job done, time after time.

The latest equipment

As well as employing tried-and-tested techniques, we take advantage of the very latest technology and equipment to deliver a deep clean that won’t harm even the most fragile of fabrics. Armed with top-of-the-range tools and industry-leading chemicals, a good cleaning company will have access to the equipment they need to clean any surface in your establishment thoroughly and efficiently.

An efficient service

That leads us nicely onto our last point: efficiency. A good cleaning provider will be able to swiftly clean a room, keeping out of the way of your guests and customers – and they’ll be able to work around your busy schedule for optimum convenience. We can do just that at Donau, and even offer an emergency stain removal service.

Speak to the commercial upholstery cleaning experts

If you’re looking for a company that ticks all of the boxes, speak to Donau. Whatever you need, from commercial carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning to curtain cleaning, we can deliver sparkling results swiftly and efficiently. Get a tailored quote today.

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