Which Upholstery Fabrics Should Be Professionally Cleaned?

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Operate a high-end venue or establishment in London? It’s important to make your visitors feel welcomed and valued. When checking in to a 5-star or luxury hotel, your guests and visitors will expect the highest standard of presentation. Focusing on all the little details to create an immaculately clean and professional environment is imperative. Likewise, if you manage a private residency, you’ll want to know which upholstery fabrics need specialist attention to keep them in fantastic condition – and your clients satisfied.

We’re detailing exactly which upholstery fabrics should be professionally cleaned in this guide.

High-value furnishings

If you have upholstered furniture of particularly high value on your premises, it is important to apply the right cleaning products and techniques. Use the wrong cleaning solution or be too aggressive when lifting up dirt, and you could damage your upholstery beyond repair which would be disastrous for fabrics like leather. By choosing a specialist upholstery cleaner, you can rest assured that your furnishings will be cleaned the right way, lifting away dirt and stains without weakening or fading the fabric.

Detailed and fragile fabrics

Where there is a particularly intricate or delicate textile design, you’ll need to pay extra care. By hiring specialists, they will be able to use the right cleaning products and methods to suit the materials and make sure any detailed threadwork doesn’t start to fray or fade. One example would be velvet upholstery.

Contact Donau for commercial upholstery cleaning

Donau works with some of London’s top-rated establishments. They rely on us to professionally clean and repair upholstery furnishings across their premises. With a 24/7 stain removal service available, we can keep your upholstery immaculately clean, 24 hours a day. Get a quote on our commercial upholstery cleaning today. As specialists in upholstery cleaning, we can advise on all your fabric furnishings.

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