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We carried out on-site curtain cleaning for a prestigious hotel client based in London

What The Client Needed

Donau was recently approached by the Novotel Tower Bridge Hotel, a four-star establishment that’s just a five minute walk away from the iconic Tower of London.

The team there wanted us to clean the hotel’s bedroom curtains – a service that remains one of our most popular. We regularly take down, deep clean and re-hang curtains for luxurious establishments across the capital.

However, to minimise the period that the room was unavailable, the hotel wanted to have the curtains cleaned in-situ, rather than having them taken down, cleaned and then re-hung. We were, of course, happy to accommodate this requirement.

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What We Did

After visiting the hotel, meeting with housekeeping staff and viewing the curtains, it was agreed that on-site cleaning of the curtains using dry steam was the most appropriate cleaning method.

The work took place on Friday mornings, as this was when the hotel’s occupancy was at its lowest.

Working with the hotel to spread the costs, we agreed to clean 10 rooms per week until all 203 rooms had been completed. Flexibility was built into the programme, so when occupancy increased, cleaning was postponed – and when it decreased, additional rooms were cleaned per visit.

The Result

The curtains in all 203 rooms were cleaned on schedule, restoring their appearance and elevating the look and feel of each room.

The hotel staff were extremely pleased with the results and are looking to repeat the programme in future, when the curtains need cleaning once more.

Think your hotel’s curtains could do with a deep clean? Our highly-rated services cover the entirety of the capital and the surrounding areas; curtains can either be cleaned in-situ or at our premises in Croydon, depending on your requirements. Learn more about what we do and get your free quote below.

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