Five ways to boost the reputation of your hotel


In the hotel and hospitality sector, reputation is everything. Guests have high expectations – they want to feel like they’re getting good value for money, they want to feel safe, and they want to feel taken care of. If they don’t, they’ll certainly let other people know about it.

Whether you’ve been through a rough patch or simply want to up your game to better compete with nearby hotels, we’ve put together a list of five top tips to help you improve the image of your hotel.

From responding to online reviews – positive or negative – to carrying out surveys and improving the level of customer care you offer, there’s a lot that can be done to turn a hotel’s fortunes around. Read on to find out more!

Manage your online presence

Even if you currently have no real online presence of your own, your customers will talk. Whether they’re happy or unhappy, they’ll leave reviews online to let others know about their experience – and it’s important to be aware when new reviews are left. Make sure you sign up to be notified of any new reviews, and respond to them promptly and thoughtfully.

Every business will get negative reviews from time to time – nobody’s perfect, after all. Mistakes will be made, but it’s how you respond to them that defines you as a business. If complaints are responded to and resolved satisfactorily, this will reflect very positively on your hotel. Ignore negative reviews at your peril.

Ask customers what they think

Not everyone will take the time to leave an online review. Perhaps they’ll forget, or maybe the thought simply won’t cross their mind. Because of this, it’s a good idea to ask customers directly for feedback. Why not send an email survey to customers after their stay has concluded? Their feedback could be invaluable in shaping the future of your business.

Resolve any issues quickly

Customers will have complaints from time to time, no matter how good your hotel is. So, make sure you set time aside each day to address these issues. Even if a customer had a negative experience initially, if they leave your hotel feeling like you cared about them, they’ll be much more likely to recommend you to others.

Make your guests feel welcome

It’s important to make your guests feel welcome, even before they arrive at the hotel. Don’t forget that their experience begins when they book with you, not when they arrive… so it’s a good idea to send one or two welcome emails before they check in. These emails can be used to answer common questions and help guests prepare for their stay, making them feel at ease before they’ve even arrived at your hotel.

Make your rooms gleam

It’s no secret that hygiene and cleanliness are high on the list of priorities for most hotel guests. If your hotel is lacking in that department – or you simply feel that there’s room for improvement – investing in specialist hotel cleaning services can really make all the difference.

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