Get 5-star Upholstery Cleaning For Your Hotel – Here’s How


If you need 5-star upholstery cleaning for your 5-star hotel, we’ve got all the advice you need to find the right service provider to meet your high expectations and standards.

Do they make you part of the process?

To make sure everything is being done to your standards, you’ll want to have good lines of communication. If a company is prepared to send out their senior technician or director for a site visit before signing any contracts, that’s a good sign. It shows that they’re willing to establish a strong working relationship and that they really want to get to know your establishment and how you work.

Can they demonstrate their expertise?

Years in the cleaning business, the calibre of the clients they’ve worked with and how long they’ve worked with them can be key signs of demonstrable expertise. It’s always worth asking whether they have specialists who are trained to work with the exact materials you have across your establishment. Velvet, linen, damask and leather are all fabrics you may have, and you’ll want to know that the people taking care of them won’t apply a one-size fits all approach. They should have access to state-of-the-art cleaning products and equipment for optimum results and efficiency.

Are they security vetted?

The difference between standard cleaning and luxury cleaning is the level of service and attention to detail. All operatives should be security vetted, discrete and professional.

Do they tailor to your requirements?

As a manager for a premium establishment, you won’t want a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, a more proactive and bespoke approach is required. Can they carry out regular cleaning as well as one-off jobs when you need them? If not, then they may not be the best cleaning provider for your hotel.

Can you access their services round-the-clock?

If you need stain removal in the early hours of the morning, you need to know you can pick up the phone and a specialist cleaning operative can be on site in a quick time frame. A responsive 24/7 service is invaluable.

Research your options

With the right care and attention, a luxury commercial upholstery cleaner should be able to restore, protect and prolong the lifespan of your high-value soft furnishings.

When you manage a 5-star hotel, your furnishings and establishment need to be taken care of. Everything needs to run like clockwork. Your reputation depends on it – particularly, when guests are paying a premium price and have high expectations. Choosing the right cleaning partner is crucial. You need to know you can trust them, so it’s worth being strict on your criteria and expectations.

If you’re looking for commercial soft furnishing cleaning in London, Donau can help. We have 50 years of experience working with world-renowned hotels, including The Ritz and Dorchester. Contact our team to find out more and to arrange a site visit.

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