How Effective Are Anti-Blast Window Films?


Anti-blast window films are specially engineered to protect building occupants from shards of glass due to an explosion or other high-impact smash. They also offer enhanced security against burglars.

The film absorbs energy from an explosion and holds the glass shards in place. This is important to prevent dangerous shards flying through the air. By containing the glass, you can protect your staff, visitors and members of the public.

Whether you manage a prestigious city-centre hotel or a high-security Government building, anti-blast window films are essential. Commercial-grade anti-blast window films are designed to offer enhanced protection against explosions.

How effective are they?

While all window films improve safety, their thickness will impact their effectiveness. The thicker the film, the longer it takes for the glass to leave the frame after an impact. This reduces its velocity and can prevent broken shards from separating.

No window film will completely remove the threat, but it can significantly reduce the likelihood of injury.

If your premises are at risk of burglary or explosions, window films will be considered a standard protective measure. But, if you want to ensure you’ve got the best security, you’ll want to know what thickness you require.

By speaking to specialists, they can advise on the right thickness, based on the size of the window, thickness of the glazing and by identifying areas of your building that are particularly vulnerable.

Blasts are a serious issue, and if you feel that your building could be better protected to keep both people and assets safe, speak to the experts at Donau. We operate across London and the Home Counties. Fill out your details and we can arrange a call back at a time to suit you.

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