How To Remove Stains From Luxury Commercial Carpets


Whether you manage a 5-star hotel in London or a high-end establishment in the home counties, you’ll want to maintain an exceptional level of cleanliness across your hotel or premises. In this guide, we’re revealing how to remove stains from luxury commercial carpets to help you maintain a spotlessly clean environment 24 hours a day.

Act quickly

Especially if your building has high footfall, a carpet stain could quickly settle and become harder to remove. It’s important to act quickly. This is especially important if you have guests. The last thing you want is to tell paying guests that their room isn’t ready when they arrive or, worse, let them check in to a room that has a stain on the carpet.

Having a professional emergency stain-removal team on hand can really help. When your employees are prioritising delivering exceptional customer service, all you have to do is pick up the phone and know that the stain will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. You’ll also have peace of mind that the right products are being applied, so there’s no risk of damaging the carpet or making the stain more visible.

Schedule regular carpet cleaning

Scheduling a regular carpet cleaning service can help lift the dust, trapped dirt and stains from your commercial carpets. Leaving them looking clean, bright and free of unsightly and unhygienic dirt, regular cleaning will help you maintain the high standards that your visitors and guests are expecting. Reports of soiled or stained carpets is certainly not a complaint you want left on review sites for your top-rated hotel or establishment.

By scheduling regular commercial carpet cleaning, you should be able to also prolong the life-span of your carpets. It will also help prevent any build-up of unpleasant odours.

Get the professionals on board

Getting the professionals on board is especially important if your carpets are high-value. They will know the ideal products and equipment to use and ensure the service is tailored to suit the specific material and thickness of your carpet. Carpet cleaning experts will know how to remove even the toughest stains.

They should also take your business operations into account, choosing the most discreet, time-efficient and effective option.

Have luxury commercial carpets that you need to keep stain-free 24/7? Speak to the professional commercial carpet cleaning team at Donau. We serve luxury establishments across London and the home counties with bespoke carpet cleaning services. This includes a fast response service.

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