How to get your hotel’s hard floors sparkling clean 24/7


You need your hotel floors to be spotlessly clean around the clock. For high-traffic areas, this can be difficult to achieve, but that’s also where cleaning is needed most. In this guide, we’re looking at how you can best protect your hard floors and keep them clean at all hours so you can give your guests the wow factor wherever they are in your hotel.

Front of house & high-traffic areas

Atriums, lobbies and reception areas will require particular attention. As they are the front-of-house for your business, a spotlessly clean marble floor will make all the difference to that first impression that guests have. This also influences reviews.

However, with people potentially bringing in mud and dirt on their shoes and suitcase wheels, keeping a floor spotlessly clean could seem like a full time job. Daily cleaning with the specialist products and equipment is required for these areas.

Placing mats at your entranceway is also a good way to encourage people to wipe their shoes upon entry, catching some of the dirt. This will also catch dust which is known to reduce the natural shine on high-value floors such as marble.

Likewise, fine dining restaurants within your establishment will also need to be spotlessly clean. Hygiene will be an extra important consideration for guests.

Getting a specialist commercial cleaner on board can help. They will know the best times to clean to ensure maximum efficiency and discreteness. Hard floors will need to be sanitised, but with delicate, non-abrasive treatments.

They will also know how to get lasting results and be able to offer advice on how to keep your establishment sparkling clean, even between deep cleans.

Need clean hard floors around the clock?

With Donau ‘s luxury commercial hard floor cleaning, you can achieve exactly that. Our operatives work 24/7 to work around your schedule and at the best times for your establishment. Contact us today to get a quote and organise a site visit.



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