The right floor tile cleaning service lies in the attention to detail


Looking for a tile cleaning company you can count on? The devil is in the detail, particularly if you operate a luxurious, high-end business. From hotels to private residences and entertainment venues, customers have high expectations when they visit an upmarket establishment. Cleanliness and presentation are of paramount importance, and tiled flooring is one of the first things your visitors are likely to see.

The difference between a well-presented tiled floor and a poorly kept one is immediately noticeable. Over time, if they’re not kept clean, tiles lose their lustre; their colouring can fade and their original shine can dull significantly. It’s up to your cleaning provider to address these issues and keep your tiles looking their best – and that requires impeccable attention to detail.

To help you find a cleaning provider with that all-important eye for detail, here’s a list of attributes you should look out for.


In the world of commercial cleaning, there’s no substitute for experience. It’s always worth seeking out a company with as much experience as you can find – the more, the better.

Why? There are so many different designs and styles of floor tiles out there, manufactured from all kinds of materials – and there is an equally endless amount of different stains, damage and wear that they can sustain. An experienced company should have the know-how to tackle all of them because they’ve been there and done it before!

High-end clients

Run a high-end business? You should look for a cleaning company with similarly high-end clients on their books. This is an indication that they can be trusted to maintain your premises to a high standard.

Proven results

Take a close look at the reviews and testimonials. It’s vital that the cleaning provider you choose has proven themselves, and dozens of positive reviews are a great indicator of this.

Variety of services

Can the company clean the type of floor you have? Some businesses specialise in different types of flooring, while others can tackle a variety of different materials. It’s worth double-checking that your chosen company can handle all of your requirements.

With over 50 years of experience carrying out hard floor cleaning in London, the team at Donau is here to assist with your every need. Discover more about what we do today.

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