Theatre Stage Curtain Cleaning – How to Find the Right Specialists


Looking for a curtain cleaning specialist to restore and maintain the appearance of your theatre stage curtains and drapes? Not sure how to identify which companies you can trust (and which you should avoid)? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the hallmarks of a reputable curtain cleaning specialist, helping you identify the right company to partner with.


There’s no substitute for experience, no matter which industry you’re in. Curtain and upholstery cleaning is no exception. Quite simply, the longer a company has been operating for, the more experience it’ll have dealing with different materials, products and scenarios.

A cleaning business that’s only been going for a few years might be able to handle most materials and stains just fine – but when the going gets tough, it’s the experienced firms with decades of knowledge that will always know what to do.

Range of services

Next, take a look at the range of services the business offers. Can they do everything you need them to? Some cleaning businesses will only be able to work with certain materials or will only be able to carry out regular cleans.

We would recommend seeking out a more versatile business with a wider range of services. Ask yourself: can the company remove deeply embedded stains? Can they apply anti-stain protection once the clean is complete? Which materials can they work with? Can they take down and re-hang the curtains and drapes so you don’t have to? And, notably, are they able to complete repairs and alterations?

Sometimes, cleaning won’t be enough to restore a curtain or drape to its former glory. Choosing an all-round specialist that can also complete repairs will give you complete peace of mind: no matter what befalls your curtains, you’ll be able to keep them looking good.


Last but by no means least, what reputation does the company have? They may have been around for decades, but do they keep their customers happy? Online reviews are a great way to determine this – and it’s worth speaking to other business owners for recommendations too.

If you’re looking for specialist curtain cleaning or curtain repairing in London, the team at Donau is here to help. Learn more about what we do today or get in touch to receive your free quote.

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