What Are Bomb Blast Net Curtains?


The threat of terrorism is ever-present, particularly here in Britain’s capital city, London. Terror attacks can take on many forms, but when explosives are used, the results can be particularly catastrophic. Bomb blast net curtains exist to help mitigate the impact of such an attack.

What do they look like?

They look very similar to traditional net curtains, but utilise a unique material which is designed to slow down shards of glass entering the building. Flame retardant and extremely durable, bomb blast net curtains are custom-manufactured to suit your windows, ensuring full coverage across the entirety of the glass.

How do they help?

Often, the explosion itself is not what does the most harm, but the shrapnel it creates.

When explosions occur near windows, the shattered glass can travel far and wide at high velocities, causing potentially deadly injuries to anyone in the vicinity.

With bomb blast net curtains installed, these shards are slowed, reducing the risk of injury. The material is durable enough to catch smaller shards, and can prevent larger ones from travelling fast enough to cause death or serious injury.

Typically, bomb blast net curtains are installed in conjunction with anti-blast window film, which holds the glass together when an explosion occurs. When used together, few – if any – glass shards will make their way into your premises, keeping everybody inside safe.

Are they worth installing?

In a crowded, high-risk city like London, bomb blast net curtains (and anti-blast window film) can certainly save lives. All kinds of buildings in the city now have this equipment fitted, from offices to embassies, schools, banks, hotels and more.

Who can install them?

At Donau, we specialise in the supply and installation of both bomb blast net curtains and anti-blast window film across London. With many years’ experience catering for many of the city’s most prestigious clients, we can deliver a complete installation service in a prompt and efficient manner. Contact us today to get a quote.

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