Where to Get the Finest Curtain Designs for Your Luxury Hotel


Operate a luxury hotel? If so, you’ll know just how important every little detail can be. From the neatness of the decor to the cohesiveness of the colour scheme and the cleanliness of the bathroom tiles, guests staying in an upmarket establishment will have high expectations.

One such detail is the curtains you choose for each room. They don’t just have to look the part: they have to block out as much light as possible (to help your guests get plenty of shut-eye), and they have to feel upmarket and high quality. Considering the curtains are one of the first (and last) things your guests might touch during their stay, choosing a premium material is vital.

The importance of curtains isn’t confined to the rooms themselves, either. They can make or break the appearance of lobby areas and shared spaces. Choose the right curtains, and they’ll act as the perfect finishing touch, tying your hotel’s look together.

Why choose made to measure?

If you’re looking to offer a premium experience, premium curtains are a must-have. The best way to get them is by speaking to specialist curtain makers, who can work with you (or your design team) to manufacture and install bespoke curtains to suit your individual requirements.

You’re unlikely to find exactly what you’re looking for (especially in the correct sizes) on the shelf. And even if you can, choosing made to measure curtains will help set your establishment apart from the competition, providing your guests with an experience that’s just that bit more exclusive and upmarket.

By working with curtain making and altering specialists, you’ll be able to specify the sizes, style, colours, texture and hanging method of your curtains, ensuring they tick every single box.

Curtain makers in London

At Donau, we’re proud to supply made-to-measure curtains to many of London’s most prestigious hotels. With the ability to supply and work with all kinds of materials, you can rest assured that our team will be able to deliver your vision to a tee – and our highly-qualified installers and cleaners will be able to hang them for you and keep them looking tip-top. Along with this, we also provide the leading hotel cleaning solutions to keep your hotel, and curtains in top condition.

Learn more about our curtain making London service today and contact us to get a free quote.

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