Why You Need Specialist Cleaning For Your Linen Upholstery


Not all linen is the same, and therefore, it shouldn’t be treated as such when it comes to being cleaned. From sofas and cushions to chaise longues, if you have linen upholstery in your premium establishment, specialist cleaning is recommended. This will help prolong the material’s lifespan and keep it in pristine condition for your customers to enjoy.

Whether you manage a premium city-centre hotel or a countryside retreat, this guide will highlight the benefits of hiring specialist cleaners for your linen furnishings.

Rapid stain removal service

Linen is soft, yet strong. However, with this material often appearing in lighter shades, a stain or spillage won’t go unnoticed. An outsourced commercial cleaner can offer a rapid stain removal service to keep your linen looking spotlessly clean round-the-clock.

Save time on essential operations

You should have labels with cleaning instructions. However, if you have a wide variety of materials across your premises it will be time-consuming to keep track of all the different products and methods you need to apply.

Expert cleaning knowledge

An outsourced upholstery cleaner will be able to tackle any material with efficiency and attention to detail.

Access the best equipment and cleaning products

They will also be able to use the best products and equipment available. This will save your business the expense of purchasing expensive cleaning items, particularly if you only need to use some cleaning products once or twice.

They can also arrange to wash your linen covers on a regular basis to prevent the build-up of dust, dirt or animal hairs, if your establishment is pet-friendly.

Contact our team of commercial upholstery cleaning specialists at Donau today. We’re trusted by luxury 5-star hotels to deliver a discreet and professional cleaning service.

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