Washroom Deep Cleaning Services


Specialist deep washroom cleaning service

Donau are a high end cleaning company who recognise that the daily cleaning and the effective removal of surface dirt and grime is an essential part of providing and maintaining a clean washroom environment, however to prevent the build-up of hidden embedded germs and bacteria, Donau provide a specialist deep washroom cleaning service to fully ensure you are providing a hygienic washroom environment for your guests and residents.

  • Effective removal of surface dirt and grime
  • Prevent the build-up of embedded germs and bacteria
  • Sanitised and ordour removal

Cleaned and sanitised

As well as the toilets and basins, the floors, walls and other fixtures within the washroom are cleaned and sanitised with defective plugs, grouting and sealant replaced where appropriate. This completely removes odour causing bacteria from the washroom. Primary pipe work and traps are cleaned of any blockage and uric salt deposits removed ensuring free flowing drainage and blockage casing debris is removed. Donau provide a deep cleaning service that improves the standard of hygiene you are providing whilst prolonging the life of your washroom amenities.

Washroom Deep Cleaning Services Brochure

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