Bomb Blast Net Curtains


Bomb blast net curtains (BBNC)

Donau is the leading specialists in the supply, installation and maintenance of bomb blast net curtains (BBNC). Glass windows and doors are the most vulnerable part of a building and the injuries caused by flying broken glass can be severe. Once installed by our specialist fitters, our bomb blast net curtains will provide personnel with the maximum possible protection from the effect of a bomb-blast.

  • Leading specialist in the supply, installation and maintenance
  • Provide personnel with maximum protection
  • Installation of security window film

Security window film

Donau can install security window film to maximise your personnel protection programme and ensure your glazing conforms to current regulations. This scratch-resistant safety film prevents fractured glass from shattering, which reduces risks of injury to occupants and passers-by. Window films can also provide solutions to heat gain, insulation, and privacy requirements. To learn more about how we can help contact us now.

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