For many businesses and organisations, the COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges to provide the highest possible hygiene standards. Donau has been a leading commercial cleaning company in London for 5-star establishments for 50 years and has over 400 customers. We provides services to clients within a 40 mile radius of London. All Donau operatives have the skills, equipment and cleaning materials to meet the immediate and on-going cleaning challenges.

We use Log6 to perform our professional deep cleans, a unique chemical which is non-toxic, alcohol free and 100% natural, meaning rooms can be sprayed and cleaned whilst still occupied.

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Coronavirus Decontamination

Prior to cleaning all carpets and upholstery, they are pre-treated by a Donau operative with an anti-virucidal chemical which complies with European Test Standard EN14476 April 2020 for Viruses and EN1276 for Bacteria. 

The solution is applied with a minimum 30-minutes contact time, and all items are subsequently deep cleaned using hot water extraction. The chemicals are suitable for any environment requiring microbial control. The positive effects can last weeks, however, in high use areas where contamination can be re-introduced to surfaces further cleaning may be required every 24 hours.

Donau Upholstery Cleaning
Donau Bed Linen Cleaning

Duvets, Pillows, Blankets, Cushions, Bedspreads & Throws

These items are put in bags by your staff ready for collection by a Donau operative, who will take the bags offsite to be washed at 65ºC for a minimum of 10 minutes to achieve thermal disinfection.

Once the fabrics and bed linen are cleaned all items are wrapped and returned in protective polythene. Owners risk is required to clean these items as the manufacturers cleaning specifications may not recommend cleaning above 40ºC.

Curtains, Roman Blinds, Pelmets & Net Curtain Cleaning

All curtains and blinds are removed and placed in bags prior to removal from your premises by a Donau operative.

These items are brought back to the Donau factory and dry cleaned in Perchloroethylene Solvent, processed and brought back to your premises to be re-hung by a Donau operative.

Donau Curtain Cleaning
Donau Contract Upholstery Cleaning

Public Area Disinfecting & Coronavirus Decontamination Fogging

Donau operatives attend site and carry out disinfecting fogging either before or after your deep cleaning regime.

If the area is suspected to be contaminated with COVID-19 the Donau operative will perform the fogging prior to your deep cleaning regime.

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All Donau operatives are fully trained in the use of the cleaning materials and will adhere to your health and safety protocols.

Donau’s personnel are provided with disposable cover suits, face masks, nitrile disposable gloves, plastic bags, cable ties and hand sanitisers.

PPE COVID Carpet Cleaning Services
Donau COVID Deep Cleaning

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With over 50 years experience, our team at Donau provide a superior service to 5-star establishments within a 40 mile radius of London, spanning from hotels to private residencies to embassies.

As experts in our field, we can provide reliable and professional advice on deep cleaning for COVID-19. We build and manage long-term customer relationships, where communication is a key part of our first-class service. Call us on  020 3369 2560 to find out more.

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