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Maximise the lifespan of your laminate flooring – and keep it looking its best – with our comprehensive services. Get your quote today or learn more about us below.

Quality Laminate Floor Cleaning

Laminate floor looking a little past its best? Or perhaps you’ve just had new flooring installed and you want to keep it looking good for years to come. Whatever your requirements, our experienced laminate floor cleaning technicians are at your service.

We can remove stains and imperfections, complete repairs, conduct a spot clean or carry out a comprehensive clean to return your floor’s original shine.

If you operate a luxurious hotel, a serviced apartment or any other prestigious establishment, you’ll know just how important it is to get every last detail right. With over 50 years in the industry, we have the know-how to not only ensure that your floor is hygienic and sterile, but to make it gleam.

So, whatever you need, you can count on us to deliver. Get your free quote today.

Wooden Laminate Flooring

    Why Choose Donau?

    When you choose Donau for your needs, you get a quality service, experience and fantastic results every time.

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    Why Choose Donau?

    From five-star hotels to serviced apartments, theatres, embassies and even educational facilities, we’ve had the honour of serving many of London’s most prestigious clients since we first set up shop in 1970.

    With decades of experience and access to the finest, most advanced equipment, we’re able to deliver stunning results day in, day out: we’re yet to encounter a stain we can’t remove.

    Our team of specialists can provide an array of high-end services on either a one-off or longer-term basis, depending on your requirements. Whether you’re looking for full-time support or a thorough clean in readiness for a special occasion, we’ll be only too happy to accommodate your needs.

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    Our Laminate Floor Cleaning Process

    Over the years, laminate flooring can begin to fade and lose its original shine… but our specialists can return your flooring to its former glory.

    It all begins with an inspection. As with all our other services, before we begin work it’s vital to assess the current condition of your flooring. We’ll check it over inch by inch, making a note of any stains, marks, chips or imperfections.

    Once we’re familiar with your flooring and understand what’s required to clean it safely and effectively, we can begin work. We’ll use a combination of tried-and-tested techniques and the latest and greatest products, delivering a deep clean that restores your floor’s original appearance.

    To finish up, we can apply a protective coating to your laminate flooring, maintaining its new-found shine for months and years to come.

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    Quick & Efficient Laminate Floor Cleaning in London

    Our Other Hard Flooring Cleaning Services In London

    Our team has the expertise to safely and efficiently clean all types of hard flooring.

    Hard wood flooring in a hotel

    Wood Floor Services London

    As well as our laminate flooring service, our team of specialists can deep clean and repair hardwood flooring.

    Tile Flooring in a lobby

    Tile Floor Services London

    Want your tiled floors to look as good as your laminate? Speak to our specialists.


    Vinyl Floor Services London

    If you have vinyl flooring that requires a stain removal or complete clean, we can help.

    Locations We Cover Around London

    We’re based in Croydon, and work with high-end clients across London and within a 40-mile radius of the city. Areas we visit often include:

    • Chelsea
    • Victoria
    • Mayfair
    • Fitzrovia
    • Kensington
    • Notting Hill
    • Paddington
    • City of London
    • Canary Wharf

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, laminate flooring requires a different approach, as it can be scratched much more easily. We use more sensitive, delicate methods to extract dirt and debris without wearing out your flooring.

    Generally, laminate flooring loses its shine due to a buildup of dirt and poor cleaning techniques (or improper use of cleaning products). With the right products and techniques, it’s possible to restore its original shine.

    Yes, we offer a rapid response stain removal service to help you keep your establishment looking its best. Please contact us for further details.

    54 Years Of Luxury Commercial Cleaning Experience

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