Upholstery Deep Cleans: How Often Are They Needed?

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At Donau, we specialise in deep cleaning all kinds of upholstery, from leather sofas through to carpets, curtains, drapes and more. We’re often asked how regularly deep cleaning should be carried out – should it be a monthly ritual or more of an annual job? In this article, we’re going to talk a little more about deep cleaning: how often should it be done and why?

What is deep cleaning?

Before we look at timeframes, let’s clarify the difference between deep cleaning and regular commercial upholstery cleaning services. Many of the latter services are more concerned with deodorising and freshening up fabrics, removing surface-level dirt in the process. They’re essentially maintenance services designed to keep your fabrics looking neat and tidy – and ensure that they’re clean and hygienic.

Deep cleaning is a little different. These more specialised services are about delving deeper into upholstery to fully and comprehensively clean every inch of it, removing stains and giving it a like-new appearance. Typically, deep cleaning services involve the application of protection or coating products too, which act as an additional barrier against stains.

How often should deep cleaning be carried out?

The simple answer to this question is that it depends on how the upholstery is used. Sofas placed in waiting areas, for example – which will be used frequently day in, day out – should be deep cleaned more regularly than decorative drapes.

Depending on which category your upholstery falls into, you should consider deep cleaning it every six months to two years. The majority of deep cleans we carry out tend to be on an annual basis – clients often opt to get their entire premises deep cleaned in one go to minimise disruption.

Naturally, normal cleaning should be carried out much more regularly than this. Provided you keep your upholstery clean, deep cleaning will only be required periodically.

To get a quote for our deep cleaning service and learn more about what we do, visit our dedicated cleaning service page.

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