Hotel Marble Floor Cleaning: Why You Should Outsource?


Marble flooring offers a premium finish for hotel lobbies, corridors, staircases and dining areas. In this guide, we’re looking at the benefits of outsourcing the cleaning of your hotel’s marble floors.

Specialist knowledge

Hard floor cleaning specialists should be able to restore the mirror-shine and bring out the best in the natural detailing of your marble floor so your guests can enjoy their luxurious surroundings.

Specialists should know the best products and cleaning methods to use, as well as provide an efficient service.

With Donau, the director will personally visit to conduct a survey of your hard floors. If necessary, we’ll create customised solutions that will not only make your marble look like new but will also work with your schedule.

Prolong the life of your marble

Marble can be susceptible to staining or scratching. Specialists cleaners can help prolong the lifespan of your marble floors and protect it against visible imperfections.

Establishing a close relationship

When outsourcing cleaning for a luxury hotel, you should be able to establish a close relationship with the company. They should be there when you need them and offer a discreet, efficient service that has minimal impact on the work of your hotel staff or guests.

Discreet service

In 5-star hotels, marble flooring is often situated in areas with high footfall. This means you want the cleaning service to be as discreet and efficient as possible. At Donau, we offer exactly that. Most of your guests will never even know our cleaners were there.

Security vetted

To ensure the safety of your guests and employees, and the security of your building, you’ll want to know that any cleaners working on your property have been security vetted. Premium commercial cleaning companies should offer this as standard.

If you’re looking for a cleaning company for your 5-star hotel in London or the Home Counties, Donau offers hard floor cleaning services and commercial upholstery cleaning. Get in touch to find out more.

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