How to keep luxury hotel carpets looking their best for longer


Luxury carpets represent a significant investment, so protecting them from wear and tear should be high on your list of priorities. Keeping them looking their best will help provide a positive experience for guests, reinforcing your premium image and your emphasis on high levels of cleanliness.

Clean, well-kept carpets really make all the difference to the look of your rooms. Here are a few tips to help you keep on top of maintenance and keep your carpets (and your guests) happy.

Regular vacuuming

Get your hands on a powerful vacuum cleaner and run over your carpets with it regularly. This will help to prevent a build-up of dirt and debris, keeping your carpet looking (and smelling) fresher for longer. If you want to go the extra mile, gently sprinkle baking soda over the top of your carpets before you vacuum them – this should give them a ‘like-new’ smell.

Trim off loose material

Notice any loose bits of material appearing on your carpet? Instead of trying to pull them off (which will only make the issue worse), get a pair of scissors and trim them as close to the surface as you can.

Clean thoroughly

Deep cleaning your carpets often is perhaps the single most effective way to maintain their original appearance – not to mention preserve the fresh smell of the room. Many luxury hotels employ the services of commercial carpet cleaning experts for this step, as it takes experience and know-how to achieve good results every time.

Consider adding a rug or protection

Another great way to take care of your carpets is to strategically place rugs in high-traffic areas. Although the rug itself will need to be cleaned, it will take the brunt of the wear and tear and can be easily replaced when it’s past its best, protecting your expensive carpets for years to come.

Be prepared to fight stains

It’s important to always have supplies on-hand to tackle stains as soon as possible – and have access to experienced professionals who know how to remove them effectively. At Donau, we offer an emergency commercial upholstery cleaning service, dispatching our highly-trained technicians to remove stains from your carpet the correct way.

Our commercial carpet cleaning service

Hiring experienced commercial carpet and hotel cleaners is the perfect way to protect your carpets and keep them looking good, year after year. Find out more about what we do today, or contact us for a personalised quote.

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